The High Cost of Denying the Obvious

A Five-Part Series with an Epilogue

No one would look at a tornado and call the weather calm and beautiful. Yet today many are doing something just as bizarre. They’re denying nature’s clear teachings regarding marriage, sexuality, and human relationships. These denials have derailed our culture from stability and cohesiveness. By lovingly affirming the truth in these areas, you can help put the culture back on track. It won’t be easy, but very few causes are more deserving of concerned citizens’ sincere efforts.

cul_de_sacA Dead End
The High Cost of Denying the Obvious: Part 1
Our culture today celebrates those who deny their own biological gender and who seek to change it. According to Ben Shapiro, we are “mainstreaming delusion.” He’s right, and it isn’t just “transgendered” individuals who are paying a price for this—it’s everyone. The good news is that we who know the truth can help society get back on track.

hubble2005-01-barred-spiral-galaxy-ngc1300God Speaks Clearly Through Nature
The High Cost of Denying the Obvious: Part 2

In and through creation, God has revealed truth about Himself and about His intentions for humanity. What are some of the things creation teaches us?

edmund_blair_leighton_-_signing_the_register-5God’s Definition of Marriage Is Self-Evident
The High Cost of Denying the Obvious: Part 3

God’s definition of marriage is evident in the created order. While many people continue to deny the obvious, we who see God’s design in nature need to keep pointing it out.

harrows_bristle_board_bullseyeToo Important to Miss
The High Cost of Denying the Obvious, Part 4
Last week’s post obliterated five myths that have taken hold in our country today—but you might not realize this unless we talked about them. Join us for this vital discussion.

14079701_1831183207111400_487542203031426878_nneal-frinkNature’s Testimony Is Only the Beginning
The High Cost of Denying the Obvious, Part 5
What is the relationship of the testimony of nature to God’s revelation in the Bible? This article answers that important question.

dust_bowl_-_dallas_south_dakota_1936The High Cost of Denying the Obvious
Epilogue: The Response of the Church
How should the church respond in a culture bereft of truth, one that is being misled by myths and lies about sex, marriage, and human relationships? Scripture is clear regarding the duties of believers to be discerning and to warn the culture. Pastors and other church leaders must take these responsibilities very seriously.

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