Nature’s Warning

In Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything, Robert R. Reilly has a chapter titled “The Lessons from Biology.” In it, he writes,

As unpleasant as the subject matter may be, it is necessary to report on the physical effects of sodomitical behavior and of other homosexual acts. Their consequences are significantly more injurious to health than smoking, so much so that ignorance or denial of these effects is one of the most remarkable barometers of the strength of the rationalization that insists this behavior is normal and normative.

A person stuffing objects into his ears is endangering his hearing, because he could puncture his eardrums or precipitate an infection. Ears are made for hearing, not for the storage of objects. Using them for the latter endangers the former. Any responsible person would advise someone stuffing objects into his ears not to do this because of the harm it could bring.

This is likewise true of the male genitals and the anus. Human generative organs are perfectly matched, the male for penetration, the female for reception. The matching takes place only in heterosexual intercourse and is a perfect biological fit, which causes no physical harm to either party. There is no anatomical fit in same-sex couplings. There is and can be no union of sexual organs in any same-sex act.

Unlike the vagina, the anus is solely an excretory organ; it is an exit, not an entrance. It is designed to eliminate fecal matter. When it is used in homosexual intercourse as a stand-in for the female vagina, it is being subjected to an activity for which it was clearly not designed. One of the indications of this is the physical harm that it brings. If one insisted on using a highway exit as an entrance, one would be told that this is extremely hazardous to one’s health and safety and to that of others. Why is this so difficult to state when it comes to human anatomy?1

When it is misused, the body understandably becomes confused. For instance, reports journalist Susan Brinkmann, “there are substances in the seminal fluid called ‘immune-regulatory macromolecules’ that send out ‘signals’ that are only understood by the female body, which will then permit the ‘two in one flesh’ intimacy required for human reproduction. When deposited elsewhere, these signals are not only misunderstood, but cause sperm to fuse with whatever body cell they encounter. This fusing is what often results in the development of cancerous malignancies.”2

If you have difficulty with the unusually explicit nature of these statements, please know that I have not included the strongest and most graphic portions of relevant information provided by Robert Reilly in chapter 5 of his book. The point is clear; nature doesn’t just point toward God’s design; it also points away from behaviors contrary to it.


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1Robert R. Reilly, Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything, (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2014), 53.

2Reilly, 54. Source for Susan Brinkmann, who was quoted in the paragraph: R. J. Ablin and R. Stein-Werblowsky, “Sexual Behavior and Increased Anal Cancer,” Immunology and Cell biology 75 (1977): 181-83.

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