Alliance Defending Freedom


Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) works in and through the judicial system to preserve religious liberty and to defend the principles on which the United States of America was founded. ADF’s web address is

In a video in which he discusses ADF’s theme of Building Freedom’s Future, ADF’s new president and CEO, Michael Farris, said this:

Alliance Defending Freedom’s mission is not just in the courtroom; it’s in teaching people what freedom is about.

Although Word Foundations has a special relationship with Alliance Defending Freedom, the articles posted on the site are neither official releases from ADF, nor do they officially reflect ADF’s position on any issue. Even so, as an Ambassador for ADF, I share its vision and wholeheartedly support its work. In particular, Word Foundations enthusiastically shares ADF’s mission of “teaching people what freedom is about.”

—B. Nathaniel Sullivan—

You can watch and hear Michael Farris’s complete comments here: