Why businesses and schools should not be forced to allow men and women to use the restroom designated for the opposite sex

Transgender bathroom laws that allow biological males to enter women’s restrooms, and vice versa, are harmful.

  • First, they harm women and girls. Transgender bathroom laws throw open the doors of women’s restrooms to predatory men.1 The number of such men will only increase under these kinds of ordinances. Even if a woman doesn’t encounter a predator during a bathroom visit, she should not have to worry about having to deal with one.
  • Transgender bathroom policies potentially could be harmful to men as well, as women would be allowed to enter men’s restrooms and subsequently accuse them of sexual harassment. Of course, men can be guilty of sexual harassment, but they also can be falsely accused. Why set the stage for both of these scenarios to play out endlessly?
  • Third, teaching that gender is fluid and a matter of choice is harmful to children2—so policies that promote this idea are harmful as well. This information comes from the American College of Pediatricians3—professionals who are in a position to know.
  • Finally, bathroom policies that allow anyone to enter a restroom not based on biology hurt those dealing with gender identity issues—despite the fact that these are the very people the policy was designed to help. Walt Heyer knows.4 He’s had two sex change operations. Born male, he became Laura, then years later, Walt again. His website is called Sex Change Regret.5 If sex change surgery is harmful, then so is encouraging people to follow their inclinations to act as members of the opposite sex.

There are ways to accommodate individuals with gender identity issues that don’t make others vulnerable, and schools and businesses can be allowed to make such accommodations. A statewide policy that protects the privacy rights of its citizens, especially children, makes sense.

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