Legalism Versus Grace

Contrast legalism’s burden to the freedom found in grace.

  • Legalism demands. Grace enables.
  • Legalism challenges but ultimately defeats us. Grace provides victory through surrender.
  • Legalism points to an unattainable goal of righteousness. Grace puts us in the place of Christ’s righteousness from the start.
  • Legalism says, “Earn recognition.” Grace says, “Recognize what Christ has done for you.”
  • Legalism motivates through obligation. Grace encourages through love.
  • Legalism says, “You have to.” Grace makes us want to.
  • Legalism lies to us about our ability. Grace tells us the truth about our helplessness apart from Christ.
  • Legalism promotes pride. Grace fosters humility.
  • Legalism is written in black and white. Grace is written in red—the color of Christ’s shed blood.
  • Legalism makes sense but doesn’t work in the real world. Grace sounds too good to be true but really transforms us and enables us to face everyday challenges.

Thank God for His grace!

Copyright © 2014 by B. Nathaniel Sullivan. All rights reserved.