An Amazing Perspective on the Part of the Matriarch of “One Big Happy Family”

“One Big Happy Family” is the fourth episode of season six of Hawaii 5-0 (1968-1980) staring Jack Lord. The episode first aired on Tuesday, October 2, 1973. The promo for that episode aired one week earlier, on September 25, 1973.

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), here’s what happens in episode 4: “A somewhat odd family comes to Hawaii and embarks on a criminal rampage. McGarrett can find no pattern to their activities until information from the mainland shows they rob and kill random targets without a second thought.”

The episode featured Slim Pickings as Sam Ferguson and Barbara Baxley as Sadie Ferguson. Here is the closing scene.

Because the audio portion of this video is difficult to understand in places, the audio is provide here, along with a transcript.

McGarrett: You’ve been informed of your rights, so you know you don’t have to answer any questions, but I’d like to ask one anyway, just for my own satisfaction, even though nobody answers it. Do you understand that you’re being charged with murdering over 150 people? Does that have any affect on anyone?

Sadie Ferguson: They wasn’t kin.

McGarrett: What?

Sadie Ferguson: They wasn’t kin. They was all strangers. It don’t count with strangers.

McGarrett: Don’t count with strangers? What about the money that you’re alleged to have stolen—over $40,000 from your victims?

Sadie Ferguson: Never stole a cent.

McGarrett: Never stole a cent?

Sadie Ferguson: They was dead! What do they want with money when they was dead? It ain’t stealing when they was dead first.

McGarrett: Book them.

Chin Ho: OK. Let’s go.


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