God is a God of love, but He also is a God of holiness and wrath.

God Is Angry, and Here’s Why—Contending for the Recognition of Absolutes, Part 14 5/12/17—article 113
God is a God of love, but He’s also a God of anger and wrath. Imagine you’re a king who went out of His way to introduce yourself to your subjects, but you were ignored and rejected. Wouldn’t you be angry? You can therefore understand God’s anger, can’t you? There are many aspects to this important topic, not the least of which is that we need to pay attention to what God is trying to tell us. Are you listening?

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Digging Deeper: Learning More About Divine Wrath—Four Helpful Insights Contending for the Recognition of Absolutes, Part 15
5/21/17—article 114
God exists, and to Him, all things are not the same. He is loving and merciful, but He also is holy and just and judges sin. Daniel Webster recognized this when he was asked what the most profound thought was that ever had crossed his mind. He responded, “My accountability to God.” Webster was a wise man, and we also exercise wisdom when we familiarize ourselves with God’s holiness, and even His wrath and anger. When we learn of these things, we also learn of the way God has supplied that will spare us His wrath. Don’t assume God is so loving and merciful He will overlook sin. He absolutely won’t, even though to many feel He should and sincerely believe He will. Their feelings and opinions won’t change reality.

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