Breaking Bread: Easter

Palm Sunday, The Upper Room, and Jesus Death and Resurrection

Breaking Bread
Two-Minute Bible Studies that Inform, Encourage, and Challenge

Breaking Bread consists of several series of studies highlighting information about themes, ideas, concepts, people, places, and events in Scripture.

This series highlights the events surrounding Easter. While all the articles have been written by B. Nathaniel Sullivan, some appear on

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Palm Sunday



On a Donkey


The Upper Room

The Upper Room

Past, Present, and Future: Each One Highlighted in the Lord’s Supper

Proclaiming the Lord’s Death Through the Lord’s Supper


Humility Taking Charge: Jesus Takes the Initiative to Wash His Disciples’ Feet


Jesus’ Example for All His Followers


Jesus’ Resurrection

These articles were written by B. Nathaniel Sullivan before was established. They appear on the Sunday School Zone website:

The First Day of the Week

Rabbouni” —John 20:16


Don’t Cling to Me” —John 20:17

Do the Gospels Agree?

The Graveclothes: Strong Evidence for the Resurrection

What John Saw at the Tomb

The Women Were Stunned

Jesus’ Disciples Were Amazed



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