Behold the Irony

Leftist ideology is full of inconsistencies that at times are blatantly obvious. In this 3-part series, we explore the inconsistencies of the left with regard to religious liberty and freedom. Specifically, we look at two cases in which Alliance Defending Freedom is directly involved. Get ready for an enlightening journey.

Behold the Irony, Part 1
8/19/17—article 127
Leftism is a religion that denies God. It presents its beliefs as conclusions reached by scientific observation and rational thinking—so leftists have a conviction anyone with a brain will certainly reach the same conclusions. Sometimes, however, it become obvious that leftists are wrong. Obvious, that is, to many…but not to all. The irony is palpable. This post explores an example of leftist blindness. We need to learn all we can from examples like this—and in the next couple of posts, we will explore even more.

Behold the Irony, Part 2
8/25/17—article 128
Jack Phillips and Steve Tennes have several things in common, including a strong conviction that their core beliefs must dictate the way they run their business practices. This post highlights the legal conflicts in which these two Christian gentlemen are involved. Their stories make you wonder if they—and you—really are living in the United States of America.Kate Anderson, pictured here, is a legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. She is representing Steve Tennes in court.

Behold the Irony, Part 3
9/2/17—article 129
Leftists are attempting the impossible. They want absolute freedom to do whatever they please, and they’re insisting people everywhere celebrate and affirm their choices and actions. Moreover, they’re doing these things while preaching tolerance, freedom, and inclusiveness; but ironically, they’re really being oppressive and tyrannical. This post exposes the hypocrisy and inconsistencies of those who wish to run roughshod over people who merely wish to run their lives and their businesses according to their core beliefs. Behold the irony!

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