How can I know God?

Zacchaeus had been a crooked tax collector but was a changed man after meeting Jesus (see Luke 19:1-10). Jesus can change you from the inside out as well.

In a letter to his employees, Christian businessman Robert Laidlaw (1885-1971) explained why he believed in the God of the Bible. Laidlaw’s brilliant explanations answer many of the questions and objections people commonly raise about God’s plan of salvation, also called the gospel or good news. Appropriately titled The Reason Why, the letter is available online here and as a PDF here.

A concise presentation of the gospel (also online and as a PDF) is available from a ministry called the Navigators.

Another concise presentation (also online and as a PDF) is available from a ministry called Cru.

Go here to watch a presentation of God’s plan of salvation from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.


top imageZacchaeus by Niels Larsen Stevns (1864-1941)

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