America, Where Are You? A Five-Part Series

Part 1: A Sobering Assessment
1/5/18—article 148
After Adam and Eve had disobeyed God and eaten of the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, God approached Adam with a searing question: Adam, where are you? Today, Americans—and American Christians in particular—also need to assess where they are in relationship to God and His commands. This article poses the question and begins to offer an answer.

Part 2: The Attack on Voluntary Prayer
1/12/18—article 149
America, where are you? You’ve come a long way from a Supreme Court decision in 1962 that deprived American school children of the opportunity to acknowledge God in a brief, 22-word prayer. The decision of seven Justices officially and effectively cut off future generations from voluntarily acknowledging the same God so readily affirmed in the Declaration of Independence. Therefore, in the intervening years, you have moved further and further away from Him—and are paying an extremely high price for doing so.

Part 3: The Attack on Innocent Human Life
1/19/18—article 150
Now unable to freely acknowledge God in a public setting, America began to drift downward until, a mere decade later, it landed in the place of being able to legally eliminate the most innocent and vulnerable members of the human family. Why? It could no longer recognize unborn children as members of the human family! Talk about having a distorted picture of reality!

Part 4: The Attack on Marriage
1/23/18—article 151
Just when you think it can’t get worse, it does. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States declared that marriage is something it never can be. In redefining the millennia-old institution to include same-sex couples, the Court attempted to divorce marriage from the differences between the sexes in the husband-wife relationship, procreation, and motherhood and fatherhood. Male-female differences, however, are inherent in these elements of marriage. Eliminate them, and you eliminate marriage altogether, or at least you place yourself on a path that will lead you to that place. America is indeed on a dangerous path! Warnings are not just appropriate; they’re necessary!

Part 5: The State of the Church
2/2/18—article 152
Where is the church in the midst of the moral quicksand that has swallowed up our culture? It stands at a crossroads and can either point the way out or go along with the crowd. Some churches already have chosen the latter option, but it isn’t too late for others to choose the former. Point the way to liberty and true freedom by upholding God’s truth! He will empower you and bless your efforts!

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